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Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:29

Sales Power

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Never again be perceived as just another salesperson. Stand out from 95% of your peers by becoming a confident consultant.

SALES POWER training workshop

We all hate being pitched a product or service by a salesperson. But we all LOVE MAKING PURCHASES...
How can you avoid being perceived as just another salesperson? How can you stand out among your competition and create winning conditions with integrity which will incite clients to buy? How can you maximize your business development efforts by being enthusiastic, proactive and contagiously confident?

On June 13 and 14, 2013, we COMBINED for the very first time two powerful programs which have been proven successful among hundreds of entrepreneurs, business executives and sales professionals:

DAY 1: We experiment with integrating the 8 key elements of an Olympic athlete into the pursuit of your sales objectives by means of the powerful LEADERSHIP POWER program approach.
DAY 2: The principles of the SALES POWER program are applied specifically to create a relationship of trust with potential clients, regardless of the product or service you are offering.
This 2-day workshop, followed by a 21-day immersion program, is a proven systematic approach which will help you:

Better define and express your offering:

  • Significantly improve your cold call success rate over the phone, and in setting up meetings with company presidents/decision-makers;
  • Stand out from the competition during exploratory meetings with potential clients;
  • Develop convincing arguments;
  • Handle any and all objections;
  • Generate sales;
  • Close sales more quickly, etc.;
  • Develop the behaviours and attitude which are essential to successfully generating ambitious revenues (proactivity, sales follow-up, measuring tools).

This training session was designed for:

This training session was designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, business executives and sales professionals who would like to gain new clients by targeting company presidents, in order to significantly boost their sales.
Why take part in this program?
You will strengthen your sales approach by broadening your knowledge of the 7 steps of the winning sales model, enabling you to gain the trust of decision-makers and close sales more quickly.


You will develop the know-how and skills you need to sell successfully. Course content is based on a proven structure which will support you over 21 days, helping you maintain behaviours, attitudes and priorities on a daily basis.
You will learn how to...

  • Close a sale:
  • Position your offer optimally for every customer;
  • Stand out from the competition;
  • Generate and close sales more quickly.
  • Handle objections:
  • Find out what is holding back your clients;
  • Develop convincing arguments/negotiations;
  • Learn to transform objections into sales opportunities.
  • Explore prospects:
  • Learn how to qualify your prospects;
  • Deal with gatekeepers;
  • Gain the trust of potential clients right from the very first call
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