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Sunday, 10 January 2016 09:25

The Power of Our Methods

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No one can make it to the Olympics on their own. Our method is based on a proven principle: High-performance athletes need an “Olympic environment,” where they receive moral and financial support, are provided authentic and open feedback from coaches, receive recovery care from a team of professionals, have the opportunity to mentally prepare, undergo medical assessments, and are supported by friends and family.

A code of conduct leads high-performance athletes to achieving their greatest human potential. This code entails qualities such as...

  • Commitment
  • Perseverance and courage
  • Harmony, balance and well-being
  • Respect and equity
  • Sportsmanship


The highest-performing leaders mimic the behaviours of high-performance athletes.

Any individual who achieves superior success reproduces, in one way or another, the behaviours and support network of high-performance athletes. The Namasté approach is unique in that it simply immerses you in a supportive environment akin to that of successful Olympic athletes, i.e., the key to their success. Over the course of our programs, you will adopt successful habits, and acquire the awareness and momentum needed to focus all of your energy specifically on creating the life you desire.

Developing the right reflexes

It is not the tools at your disposal but rather your BEHAVIOURS and SPIRIT which have the greatest impact on the achievement of your objectives. Studies have shown that a behaviour must be sustained for a minimum period of 21 days in order for a new reflex to be permanently integrated. A strong catalyst of continuous self-improvement, the Namasté method incorporates this powerful principle in a unique fashion.

The inspiration and motivation gained during workshops and training sessions are most often fleeting. Once new tools have been implemented in a participant’s daily life, a new comfort zone is created and his or her progress stagnates once more.

The Namasté method not only offers coaching during the two-day workshop, it also provides guidance during the daily execution of your individual 21 day challenge.

Over the  21 day period, participants are asked to fill out a training booklet daily. Each participant is paired with an assistant coach (another participant). The pairs are meant to assist, listen to and encourage one another for the duration of the program. Participants also take part in weekly group conference calls during the 21 day challenge.

For you, just as for any athlete, it’s all about spirit.

Whether you are taking on a training session or competition, every step, visualization and exercise is a sacred space. The Namasté method advocates leadership awareness throughout the process.

The following are the 4 powerful elements of the Namasté method:

  • The training booklet
  • The athlete’s Code of Conduct
  • Partnership and coaching
  • A challenge over 21 consecutive days, consisting of gradually repeating actions.

What results can you expect from the 21 day challenge?

  • Throughout your challenge, your perception will be transformed and your awareness will increase exponentially. This shift in awareness will increase your performance, efficiency, motivation, energy and confidence.
  • By withholding judgment, you will learn from your mistakes and defeats. You will develop the habit of picking up momentum without delay.
  • You will learn how to optimize your human potential and environment in a BALANCED manner, rather than performing by rote.
  • Incredible potential lies dormant within every one of us.

If you follow the principles of our method, you will radiate authentic leadership, driving you towards your goals and garnering the respect of those around you.

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