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Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:32

Self Leadership Power

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Wake the corporate champion within.

LEADERSHIP POWER created and presented by Tina Poitras, Olympic athlete, entrepreneur and certified coach

Experience a new way to achieve superior performance: The LEADERSHIP POWER program, an unparalleled approach to developing and maintaining the highest and most authentic level of excellence, by leveraging the 8 key elements of all elite athletes.

This 30-day program aims not only to wake the champion within you, but also to help you achieve autonomy and become your own coach.
Basing ourselves on an Olympic training model, we will demystify the lessons used by high-performance athletes to bring out the best in themselves. You will then incorporate these methods into your personal and professional lives in a BALANCED and RESPECTFUL manner. Applying simple yet powerful principles, Tina Poitras will help you leverage and sustain the knowledge you have gained regarding this new self-leadership awareness, and offer you memorable coaching services over a 21-day period.

Over the course of this program, you will discover two powerful and unique experiences first hand:

   1.  A two-day training workshop to help you:

  • Demystify the so-called talent of high-performance athletes;
  • Understand the intricacies of the 8 elements which all champions-in-the-making practice to achieve extraordinary performances;
  • Discover concrete self-management tools which can transform and maximize the impact of your actions, thoughts and emotions;
  • Measure your actual progress by analyzing events from your daily life;
  • Take the time to reflect and define your strategies and tactics in order to move forward with your most exciting objectives in mind;
  • Awaken the intangible powers of your spirit and your thoughts through creative visualization.

2...followed by an accessible immersion program over 30 consecutive days in your own environment, in order to integrate the successful habits of Olympians. You will experience the following:

  • Instantly triggering concrete actions focused on attaining your life goals;
  • Unwavering focus and a culture of accountability thanks to the Athlete Training Booklet;
  • Group support and solidarity, as well as the daily guidance of an Olympic environment;
  • A mental process which will help tame stress, disorganization and daily job pressures;
  • Awareness of the habits which limit you;
  • Replacing exhaustion/stress with renewed enthusiasm, perseverance and courage;
  • Weekly 1-hour follow-up/coaching sessions with Tina via group conference calls throughout the 21-day challenge.
Why take part in this training program:
  • To take advantage of an approach which has been proven successful among hundreds of Olympic athletes and prominent business leaders.
  • To sharpen your focus and renew your energy and determination.
  • To delve deep into your body, focus your actions around your core priorities and get back to the basics.
  • To venture beyond your comfort zone.
  • To better manage your daily life.
  • To replace disorganization and/or exhaustion with great enthusiasm, perseverance and courage.
  • To benefit from a powerful platform which immediately triggers the appropriate concrete actions that are accessible to all and that will have a sustainable effect to help you integrate successful habits into your daily life.

The goal is not high performance in itself, but rather to optimize your potential by recreating the mental process and similar conditions to those of Olympic athletes preparing for competition. You will experience a higher level of awareness during the planning and execution of your targeted goals. This approach will bring you a new feeling of accomplishment and well-being. Meeting your objectives will become a natural result of the process.
Why coaching specifically for 30 days?

Why 21 days?

Rigorous studies have shown that actions must be performed repeatedly during a minimum of 25 to 30  days in order to develop and integrate new behaviors and to surpass oneself. This simple 2-day Olympic-style workshop will be followed by 21 days of unique coaching in order to PROGRESSIVELY sustain a state of mind and behaviors, one step at a time. These 30 days will raise you to new levels of performance optimization, awareness and well-being. You will exude authentic leadership, gaining the respect of your team and surroundings.

Training workshop content:

DAY 1 Introduction:

  • Demystifying the talent of Olympic athletes – a greatly over-estimated quality.
  • Explaining the mental process of a champion-in-the-making. This exercise will serve as the backdrop for various themes which will be explored throughout the day.

Recreating key conditions which are common to all champions

1. Getting back to the basics: Defining your objectives and the tactics which will help you overcome the challenge of your choice.
2. Personal analysis of current internal and external environments.
3. How to activate human behavior and fuel your pro activity.
4. Introduction to the power of creative visualization.
5. Introduction to and implementation of the 6 elements you must incorporate into your life in order to mimic an Olympic environment in achieving your objectives.


1. Become aware of the habits which limit you.
2. Balance the priorities in your life.
3. Time management: Establish your rhythm by alternating between the 3 time periods in order to create your Optimal Functioning Zone.
4. Preparing for the 30-day challenge: You will be asked to choose a professional objective and a personal objective which you will strive to achieve over the 30 consecutive days of the challenge. Our training guide will help you adopt and improve on new reflexes. You will use this guide daily throughout your 21-day challenge.•    Experience the unshakable focus and spirit of a true Olympian on the path to surpassing oneself.

  • Submit yourself daily to a rigorous productivity and self-analysis process without being self-critical, until you have fully incorporated healthy behaviors into your accomplishments.
  • Build and put in place a promising environment which will help you achieve success with your projects.
  • Establish and implement your optimal time management sequence.
  • Initiate a true shift in awareness regarding the obstacles which stand between you and the solutions that will lead to your goals.

Program cost:
PRICE: $1,150 (plus tax) Lunch on both days as well as snacks are included in the price. Kindly advise us if you would prefer vegetarian meals and/or if you have any food allergies.
PROMOTION: Get 25% off the price of your program by bringing along a friend to do the program with you. Your guest will get 25% off as well!
•    No cancellations or refunds shall be granted within 5 business days of the activity.
•    The activity is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!

Register now by clicking on the link below:
The workshop is followed by a 21-day program to help you consistently incorporate these 8 principles into your daily life.

Where:  Centre St-Pierre
1212 Panet Street,
Montréal, H2L 2Y7

Recommended dress code:
Comfort and relaxation wear are a must.

About Tina Poitras:
Tina Poitras is a business coach, speaker and trainer, as well as the founder of Namasté Leadership Inc.

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