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Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:33

Creative Power

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Training workshop HEART CODE POWER created and presented by Tina Poitras, Olympic athlete, entrepreneur, and certified coach

Get back to the heart of who you are and help create a world of joy and success. It is your birthright!
In a society which is increasingly subjected to stress, anxiety and doubt, it is crucial to fall back on your true inner bearings through heart intelligence.

Did you know that your heart contains 40,000 brain cells at its core? It is encoded. Your heart knows how to succeed free of fears and doubts, it knows how to be peaceful and happy. It guards your life’s mission and helps you achieve and celebrate it in all your unique colours. However, you must be receptive enough to tap into this generous gift you were given at birth. You have to know the rules of the game of life in order to live fully.

THE INTENTION behind the 21-day method we propose is for you to become your own coach… and co-creator of your life once again.

This unique immersive 21-day coaching program, our guide and Heart Code tools will appease your heart and conscience. They have been designed specifically to increase your vibrational frequency on a daily basis:

  • You will begin to amplify the listening skills and transparency necessary to decrypt the Heart Code. You will learn how to congruently synchronize your mind, thoughts and emotions, and resubmit them to your Heart.
  • You will learn to work with Namasté’s 8 universal laws in order to raise your vibrational frequency and achieve the abundance that you dream of.
  • You will become aware of your self-sabotaging behaviours... in order to transform them and free yourself of them through the principle of immersion.
  • As you become increasingly aware, your life will transform itself right before your eyes.
  • You will learn to measure your progress according to the circumstances you bring about around you.

Two full days of training, followed by a 3-week support program which offers 6 immersion elements:

1. 21 days of guidance to overcome a spiritual challenge of your choice:  Rigorous studies have shown that actions must be performed repeatedly during a minimum of 21 days in order to develop and integrate a new neural pathway towards changing your thoughts and behaviours. Our added value is the powerful 21 days of guidance which follow the workshop, so as to ensure your progress by clarifying the reality you hope to achieve and by refocusing on the basics every day: your awareness of the present moment and the inner reality you wish to create from the heart!

2. Pair up - In a spirit of family and solidarity, participants will partner up and provide one another with support throughout the 21-DAY CHALLENGE.

3. Training booklet - You will learn how to use your booklet effectively, which is a precious daily self-analysis tool full of exercises, to help you discover your limiting beliefs and action/reaction mechanisms throughout the 21 days of the challenge. You will learn to measure your progress by analyzing the events which you attract, deprogramming your self-sabotaging mechanisms and replacing them with new more favourable reflexes, despite the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

4. 21 motivational messages: Every day of the 21-day challenge, you will receive an email with motivational content which will help you achieve the reality you hope to create.

5. Guided meditations: During the workshop, you will receive 8 audio files containing guided meditations/visualizations to help you further heighten your awareness of your creative centre:

  • Master the art of physical relaxation,
  • Activate your vibrational frequency as soon as you wake up and align yourself with your heart’s priorities,
  • Transform your limiting beliefs,
  • Eliminate self-sabotage,
  • Become one with your inner strengths,
  • Reconnect with your inner child and let go of past pain,
  • Re-establish a healthy connection with money and let go of financial obstacles,
  • Purple flame meditation.
  • INCLUDES: An audio file of a powerful creative visualization method focusing on your Heart’s core (method used by Tina on a daily basis in preparing for the Olympic Games).

6. Weekly coaching: Weekly personalized 1-hour coaching conference calls with Tina Poitras to help further clarify the concepts covered during the workshop and resolve emerging issues which stand between you and your objectives.
7. Two-hour group celebration at the end of the program in honour of the leaps you have made in terms of awareness and in order to clarify the next steps in your journey.
Who was this workshop designed for?

We recommend this training workshop if:

1. You are DISSATISFIED or IMPATIENT with certain aspects of your life. Things are not going the way you would like them to and you are DYING TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE as quickly as possible.
2. You are having a DIFFICULT TIME, you feel WORRIED, STRESSED, HURT or DEPRESSED, and you would like to undergo a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION so as to finally find PEACE, HAPPINESS and considerable SUCCESS in quickly building your life.

This training program is the perfect complement to your quest to surpass yourself. It will have a major impact on your personal and business potentials. If you carefully follow the steps presented in this program, your life will be transformed right before your eyes in the most amazing way. Not only will you be happier and more sensitive to others, you will also find your desires increasingly fulfilled!

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Training workshop content:

 Beyond the unique theoretical content, this course is structured so as to foster self-dialogue. Through this dialogue, we hope you will delve into the greatest depths of your inner self. We are convinced that our coaching process and tools will transform your perceptions and feelings as well as your influence on your daily life. You will learn to zero in on specific goals in order to achieve them and will greatly increase your capacity to do so through concrete actions, all while maintaining a balance and respecting your well-being.


  • A.M.: Being open to self-integrity and your Heart’s vision
  • Being true to yourself and loyal to the reality YOU hope to create.
  • Practical exercises aiming to clarify your dreams, values and passions with authenticity.
  • Unlocking the full potential of Creative Visualization through the process of ATTENTION, INTENTION, ACTION AND NON-TENSION.
  • P.M.: Being open to the 7 universal laws
  • Exploring the 7 universal laws which govern your reality and better using them to build your life.
  • Capturing the echoes of the Universe and adjusting yourself according to the messages they containn


  • A.M.: Being open to transforming your limiting beliefs
  • Identifying your limiting thought systems among 11 thought schemes. Practical self-assessment and diagnosis exercises.
  • Self-sabotage: How to defuse and free your heart of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours (5 methods taught).
  • Developing your emotional intelligence. Taking your life into your own hands by learning to better manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Deprogramming session regarding financial objectives in order to open yourself to financial wealth.
  • P.M.: Being open to further opening your Heart
  • Group exercises to further open your heart.
  • Exercises to let go of past pain in order to open your heart as much as possible.
  • Delving into the Sacred Space of your Heart in order to reconnect with its Wisdom.
  • Preparation for the 21-day challenge and working with the 7 universal laws.

Program cost:

PRICE: $997 (plus taxes) for the 21-day adventure. The 2-day workshop includes lunch, snacks and parking. Kindly advise us if you would prefer vegetarian meals or if you have any food allergies.
•    50% off for a second participant who attends with you.
•    No cancellations or refunds shall be granted within 5 business days of the activity.
•    The activity is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!

Register now by clicking on the link below:
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Our guarantee
We are so strongly convinced of the benefits of this program that we guarantee your satisfaction or money back. There is only one condition: Participants must fully commit to the entire 21-day challenge.

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